Training with Arno Barlow

14 November starting at 12:00 at skietbaan

Old "Skool" Kembativ Pistol

Kelly McCann says it best "if you want to learn something new read an old book"

Dave Spaulding's advice to me is to always go back to basics.

Unfortunately a lot of our modern day training is purely based on hashtags, speed and exhibition videos, and let us not forget about chasing the timer.

We are rolling our training back to where it all started, plain simple effective hardcore training, the type of training that got us where we are today.

This is the way I train personally to protect myself, my family and some very high end clients that pays me to look after them.

In this course we'll run through a refresher on the essential skills and then jump into the Kembativ Pistol.

The course will cover :

  • Different ready positions, 
  • Pistol retention
  • Tueller Drills
  • Different striking and drawing
  • Striking with the pistol
  • Engaging multiple targets 
  • Intro into touching distance shooting.

You have to have a basic understanding of safe handling and using of your pistol.

200 rounds

Eye and ear protection and proper holster that you can draw and holster with one hand.

Normal carry setup with at least one spare magazine.

2 old T shirts to cover targets.

Training pistol or barrel plug / rope through barrel or similar device to make pistol safe for force on force.

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